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    Many Achievements

Almost all the clubs have hailed the amazing achievements in the competitions. Every year at least 4 to 5 shows are performing in district, state, and national level competitions. We got over all championship in last three years competitions and it marked outstanding performances of the members.

In 2008 our trainer Mr. Sudhakaran won gold medal in national pancha gusthi championship in master’s category. It is an important footstep on the saga of gym world and an excellent reward and model to all the other trainers and members. After that, Gymworld won state and national championship continuously for three years. It is a credit remark in all the years ahead.

In 2018 a competition for Mr. Thrissur was held, a 9 month pregnant lady trainer and a priest from chalakudy church, bagged first prize and has changed the record of all the achievements. Rev.Fr. Joseph Sunny Mandakath proved his talent in model physique, which captured a lot of media publicity. It was the most discussed news.

Our Lady trainer and team member while her 9th month of pregnancy had achieved a great and heroic milestone in the history of corenetic gymworld by competing in the body building competition held in the year 2018. Then full term pregnant Mrs. Vipitha Santhosh achieved the winning title hence making us proud of our efforts to make the society fit and healthy.